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Baccarat's Exquisite Haute-Couture Jewelry on Display in Asia

On July 9, 2021, Baccarat and Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza hosted the first stop in Asia of the crystal chandelier and haute-couture series exhibition. The centerpiece of the exhibition was the Blue Topaz crystal chandelier, a stunning piece decorated with nearly 700 Ostro Topaz gemstones weighing 25,863 carats.

M Journey worked closely with Baccarat, a renowned crystal manufacturer with a long history, to reach the brand's target audience. The team selected media and influencers that were compatible with the brand's tonality and communication strategy and invited well-known artists and art museum curators to visit and communicate with the brand, enhancing its cross-border and high-end customer potential. By combining the brand's craftsmanship and aesthetics with the expertise of M Journey, the exhibition was a glittering success.

M Journey provided creative asset, sent out influencer invitations, managed  the on-site photoshoots and conducted event follow up. With a limited budget  we yielded exposure from more than 10 celebrities and 15 high-quality pieces  of content by the media. This helped the brand increase their reach, and  included interviews to build brand appeal and precipitate value.

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