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Leveraging Celebrity Collaboration to Efficiently Engage Generation Z

To reach a younger demographic and establish direct communication with Generation Z, M Journey supported NEIL BARRETT in the planning and launch of a limited celebrity co-branding collection. The campaign leveraged the brand's innovative and forward-thinking tonality and successfully stimulated marketing potential and brand influence.

M Journey recommended the selection of popular new generation idol, Wang Ziyi, as the Friend of the Brand and invited him to participate in the design of the limited collection. After the release, M Journey created a creative hashtag on Weibo, #别扫王子异的二维码 (Don't Scan Wang Ziyi's QR Code), which sparked user curiosity about the barcodes on the new collection. The hashtag trended on Weibo and M Journey secured an advertising space on Tmall's homepage with zero investment, driving significant traffic to the brand's broadcast and resulting in an 8-fold increase in the brand's official Tmall store's followers.

influencer collab to reach a new, younger audience  

- M journey planned, executed and promoted the campaign  

- Goal was to expand target market  

- Neil barret is synonymous with innovation, thus a perfect fit for new gen idol  wang ziyi, who we recommended to Neil barret 

- He helped create the series of designs 

- Its a fusion of music and fashion, cross-collab  

- M journey came up with promo “Do not scan the code” to promote the barcode  style shirt to build hypo for new releases 

- Popularity of main product rises significantly, got free tmall main banner  

- Tmall store visitors increased by 800% within 24h

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