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Viewin has partnered with Canado Contracting to provide a turnkey service for offline businesses looking to expand to North America.

Canado Contracting is the prime design, planning and construction provider for restaurants and food service in North America, with a footprint that spans the continent from Vancouver and  Seattle to Toronto and New York. With over 300 projects completed and several under construction, Canado has a vision to bring the taste of their hometowns the millions of Chinese nationals  living in North America.

Featured Projects

Haidilao Hot Pot Vancouver location ,Haidilao Hot Pot Vancouver location, Richmond location, Burnaby location, Toronto location, Markham location, Scarborough location, Montreal location, Flushing location, Dallas location,  Rowland Heights location and San Jose location 

Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant,Vancouver location, Richmond location, Toronto location, 

Liuyishou Hotpot,Vancouver location, Burnaby location,Seattle location,  

Little Sheep Hotpot,Richmond location, Coquitlam location 

Old Peking Duck Vancouver location 

Shudao Hot Pot Richmond location

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