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A Multimodal
Transportation Platform

Founded by a talented young team, KABU is leveraging technological innovation and the gig economy to build a multimodal transportation platform, connecting users and drivers. Viewin designed a strategy from the ground up, provided financing and acquired relevant licenses and other services and KABU was able to hit the ground running.

Viewin advocated with local government and industry stakeholders to gain a first-to-market advantage for KABU and advised on the most efficient way to set up the corporate structure and market positioning. By focussing on our clients intrinsic strengths, we identified a strong opportunity with international travellers. This culminated in the ”Travel like a local” strategic approach that KABU is know for today.


We focussed on North American markets with a sufficient throughput of international travellers and deployed a targeted marketing effort, advertising matching services for drivers and riders based on language requirements, along with a suite of tailored services for these groups of people. This was necessary due to intense competition from multinational giants like Uber and Lyft.

By specifically avoiding direct competition with these companies, KABU owns a very specific part of the market with a competitive moat: language barriers, a huge information gap, localized payment methods, limited download availability in overseas app stores and other car-hailing barriers. KABU provides a one-stop solution around these barriers for international students, new immigrants, and travellers


The barriers to entry for ride hailing in Canada are extremely high. British Columbia, where Vancouver is located, only legalized ride hailing in 2020 and other provinces have unattainably high insurance requirements which are impossible to meet for companies without decades of industry experience. Nonetheless, we were able to leverage our collective experience to gain one of the first licenses for our client though relentless advocacy with policymakers, an aggressive PR campaign and unique strategic approach.

Investment and Financing

By working with KABU, we were able to gain a deep understanding of our clients business, growth prospects and opportunities/risks. When clients meet a certain set of requirements for investability, Viewin is able to assist with fundraising. With our help, KABU was successfully able to complete their series A with a seven digit amount raised in record time. Core Competencies: Strategic Consulting, Project Financing, Fundraising, License and Regulatory Consulting.

In this project applied competences:

Strategic Consulting
Project financing
Difficulty industry license consultation

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