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Expanding to Canada via Channel Sales Partners

SwiftPass Technologies is the world's leading provider of digital banking solutions, with operations in more than 50 countries and regions on four continents.

Since being founded in 2013, Swiftpass has grown to be the mobile payment provider of choice for countless top tier banks worldwide. To expand in the  Canadian market, Swiftpass worked with Viewin Global Partners to devise a channel sales strategy leveraging local AliPay and WeChat pay processors. In  cooperation with local partners, Swiftpass launched SuperPass Pay - the premier WeChat Pay and AliPay cross-border processor for businesses in Canada.

Beyond the business strategy, we leveraged our expertise in financial compliance, KYC and AML to get SuperPass registered as a legal money service  business. We helped with establishing effective controls, policy and procedures to meet or exceed government standards for financial compliance.

Superpass Pay

Superpass Payment Inc holds a Canadian MSB license and is the main  operator of the Fintech wallet. Mainly responsible for front-end operation,  market promotion, merchant settlement and new customer acquisition.


SwiftPass is the back-end of the project and provides the technical  foundation for the fintech wallet. Responsible for software operation,  updates, technical implementation and continuous improvement.

In this project applied competences:

Strategic Consulting
License and Regulatory Consulting
Cross-Border Cooperation

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