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Championing Exceptional Domestic and International Designer Brands at the 2022 CCPF Fashion Week

The second China Consumer Products Fair (CCPF) was held from July 26th to 30th, 2022 in Haikou, Hainan, with a focus on showcasing global consumer products and the latest fashion trends. To enhance the experience of the expo, the Organizing Committee launched the 2022 CCPF Fashion Week, featuring a lineup of carefully selected designer brands.

M Journey, in collaboration with the Hainan Economic Development Bureau, curated the selection process of 14 designer brands to participate in the fashion show and 18 designer brands to participate in the order fair. A total of 593 pieces of clothing were showcased throughout the expo. Brands included haute couture brand Grace Chen and designer brands DAMOWANG, Bronze Lucia, shenshen, LA Decoration, and ShineLi.

M Journey played a key role in the overall publicity strategy for the Fashion Week, providing PR manuscripts and designing the official WeChat pushes for the event, supporting the participating designer brands throughout the expo.

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